Today’s “Prepped To Sell – Getting The Most Out of Your House!” Tip: How to remove the telltale signs of cigarette use in your house.

Just like cooking with heavy spices and grease, smoking cigarettes can leave unwanted odors and stains in your house. This is very difficult to remove. Leaving the odors, stains “third hand smoke” [the trapped layer of nicotine that’s left behind on anything that smoke makes contact with] is one of the fastest ways send buyers running. Even buyers who smoke don’t want to move into a house that smells like cigarettes.

So – how do you fix the problem?

  1. STOP SMOKING IN YOUR HOUSE! Ban all smoking to an outdoor area – this does not mean the garage. Cigarette smoke can get into the drywall leaving an odor in the house. To help you remember not to smoke in the house, and reduce the odor, get rid of the ashtrays Remove Smoke Signals To Sell Faster. The first step to fixing the problem is quit adding to it.
  2. Declutter your house. Decide which things you want to donate or just get rid of. Decide if there things you don’t want to take with you. Get rid of anything that has made contact with smoke. This will have an instant impact on the smell in the house.
  3. Pack up your closets. Any “off season clothing” and other miscellaneous items that get tucked away should go first. If you’re keeping them, take them to an “away from the house” storage space. Invest in some activated charcoal deodorizers in decorative bags to place in closets. Wash your clothes. While your closet is empty, wash the closet with a vinegar and water solution. Don’t forget to the  e clothes bar and hangers before putting clothes back.
  4. Wash your bedding . While the bedding is washing, put baking soda on the mattresses. Leave it on for a bit and vacuum it up before replacing the freshly washed bedding.
  5. Ready Set Clean! Use a cleaner designed to remove cigarette smoke residue. Clean the walls and ceilings. Get rid of any wallpaper. You should prime surfaces with  odor blocking primer and use odor blocking paint when you repaint
  6. You should at least steam clean the carpet. To really get the job done remove and replace the carpet and padding in all the rooms . Deep clean hard surfaces too.

Follow these “Prepped For Sale” tips – to get the most out of your house! If you or someone you know is thinking of buying or selling a house, give the Watts Realty Team a call today at 269-488-1530.