Some Interesting Facts About Home Sellers In 2017


  1. The typical age of home sellers in 2017 was 55 years old.
  1. Their average household income was $103,000.00
  1. People selling their homes in 2017 had usually lived there for 10 years prior to selling.
  1. The most common reasons for wanting to sell a home were:
  • The house is too small
  • A desire to move closer to family and friends
  1. 89% of all home sellers worked with a Real Estate agent.
  1. 90% of those working with an agent listed their home on the Multiple Listing Service.
  1. The Multiple Listing Service is the #1 resource for sellers to list their homes.
  1. The average home sold for 99% of the listing price and was on the market for approximately 3 weeks.

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