When selling your house in the winter, it’s important to maintain curb appeal. After all, it’s still your home’s only chance to make a first impression. You might ask yourself “How am I supposed to make my house inviting when it’s covered in snow!?” We’re glad you asked.


  1. Begin by putting away all of the holiday decorations – both exterior and interior.
  2. Take a walk around the outside of your house. Remove any ice-dams and/or icicles. This will help to not only keep potential buyers safe from falling ice issues, but also makes the home look better insulated. (2A. Maybe Watts Realty Team Kalamazoo winter home salesget a little more insulation in the attic…)
  3. This goes without saying, but I’m saying it anyway, make sure the driveway and all of the walkways are clear of snow and ice – at all times.
  4. Make sure any of fences or gates that need to be fixed get addressed. They will stand out more significantly against a white backdrop.
  5. Trim up all of the bushes and trees in the yard. If you were waiting until early spring to cut back dead grasses or stalk based flowers, don’t! Get them cleaned up before your house is photographed for advertising purposes.
  6. If weather permits, get ALL of the windows cleaned, both inside and out.
  7. Get your mailbox in tip top shape with a new paint job or house numbers. Maybe add an address plaque to the front entry area. Spruce it up!
  8. It’s a great idea to create a cohesive feeling with the same color scheme at the mailbox as the front of the house. So, if you’re thinking of painting your front door or storm door a different a new color, try it on the mailbox too! Color on the front door is a great way to add some pizazz to your house.
  9. Repair or replace your garage door!
  10. Add a new welcome mat at the front door too – aside from giving a welcoming feel to the house, it also lets people know you care about how the interior of the house is treated – no one wants muddy boots tracking anything over carpet or hardwood.

With just a little effort, your home can be just as inviting as it would be in any other season – snow or not!