Selling Your Home Can Have Its Challenges

Whether it’s a new job, an addition to the family, you’re ready to escape to a warmer climate or a myriad of other reasons – you’ve decided  to sell your house.

While the process of selling a home can be very exciting – it’s not without its challenges. Fortunately, there is a way of making the process run smoothly; hire an experienced realtor! Hiring an experienced, quality realtor is a little like having a “Swiss Army Knife” on a camping trip; a full toolbox for any real estate obstacle, all in one spot.

For instance, if faced with moving at a “less than optimal time of year” (i.e. anything that is not the traditionally favored “spring selling season”) your realtor knows that your house will have less competition than when so many others are being sold. While there are traditionally fewer potential buyers just perusing the listings and asking for showings, there are more people who are in situations just like the one that has you deciding to move. They’re serious buyers who are ready to move.

Say someone told you your area is in what is commonly referred to as a “buyer’s market.” Your realtor will know this is a great thing, since your goal is to have someone buy your house. He/she can market and promote your home so the maximum number of buyers will find, view and visit your listed property; dramatically increasing the odds that one of those buyers will purchase your house!

A realtor can help you cut through the knots of pricing your house too. Overpricing your home can lead to more time on the market. While that’s not an inherently bad thing, it can create a sense that something is wrong with your house. It can also be problematic should your buyer require bank financing. Underpricing it means you’re not recouping all your house is worth. With a thorough knowledge of your specific market and your home’s attributes and access to the details of comparable listings in the neighborhood, your realtor is going to be able to give you a very accurate assessment and pricing strategy.

Your realtor can help you to “be prepared” with tools like, a pre-sale inspection, home staging suggestions, help in managing buyer expectations, expert negotiating skills and the ability to help you close the deal.

In short, selling your home can have its challenges. An experienced realtor can help you conquer them!