Fix up your curb appeal for Fall!

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, that’s why curb appeal really counts! Autumn can be a tougher time to make a curbside statement than say Spring or Summer. Even winter has some appreciable charm. Without a some effort, Fall can make your yard look like it’s halfway between dead and dying. What’s worse than that? It can make your yard look like a lot of “WORK” to potential buyers.


There are a few things you can do to really amp up your Autumn curb appeal:

  1. PICK UP THE LEAVES! This really can’t be overstated. Whether you rake or use a blower or use a mower to bag them up, get them off the lawn. Leaves look cluttered and make a yard appear smaller. You want potential buyers to see how large and manageable your home will be.
  2. Trim back branches. Be careful with trimming, no one wants a rickety looking stick that doesn’t resemble the shrub or tree it was last spring. Try to keep a uniform look to your pruning so it doesn’t look like you went crazy with the chainsaw one day.
  3. Cut down any remaining dead or dying plants in any surrounding gardens. Be sure to remove leaves and debris from the gardens too. Allow people to imagine how lovely they will be in the spring.
  4. Make sure to keep up on any mildew that sitting leaves may have caused either in the yard or on the house itself.
  5. Plant fall flowers in gardens around the house and in pots. If potential buyers don’t love them, the deer will be very appreciative.

Keep your yard looking its’ best so potential buyers don’t overlook you.

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