Planning on moving In Spring?

It’s not quite warm enough outside to think about “Spring Cleaning” yet. How about “Spring Prepping?” If you’re planning on moving in Spring, now is the perfect time to get prepped.

Start with one room…

Going room by room, one room at a time will really help you to focus on details. Pick a room and get started! It doesn’t matter where you begin. Every room will need to be cleaned, and/or updated before you put your house on the market. Step one, depending on your personal motivation system, start with the room that needs the most work; or the one that needs the least. Step two – get out a roll of painters tape and paper and pen. The painters tape is to mark the things you notice that need to be addressed. The paper and pen are to make a list with the details of what each piece of tape is there for. When following this process, some people actually number the piece of tape and make correspondingly number their notes. It depends on how well your memory works for these types of projects.

Get Picky!

Step three is to get PICKY! Try to look at your home as just a house. It isn’t as easy as it may sound. Imagine the scuff on the wall as just a scuff and not a precious memory. View your house with the eyes of someone who might be buying it. You’ll be surprisemoving-in-springd what you see when you start actively looking for flaws. Of course, this is not a “mental filter you’ll want to keep on all the time. You do still have to live in your home before putting it on the market. On the other hand, it’s not bad practice for “detaching yourself from ownership.” It might allow you to receive and act on constructive criticism more gracefully. Now apply this same strategy to every room in the house!

Follow Through!

Step four – Spring into action! One of the benefits of having tape all over the place is the increased likelihood that you’ll remember why you put it there. It will act as a motivator! By the time Spring actually arrives, you’ll be ready for it!