What about holiday decorating when you’re trying to sell your house?

You’ve put your house on the market in December. However, you don’t want to miss out on all the holiday fun – including holiday decorating!  Good news! You don’t have to. 

During the holiday season potential buyers may expect to see a few personal things in plain view. That’s not to say that you should put every snow globe, ornament and stocking that you own out on display. To “properly” stage your home for the winter holiday season remember “less is more.”  Take a good look at the decorations you have and select the ones that are the least personalized. Place these decorations around the house sparingly. 

If you’ve gone out of your way to update your home with a fresh coat of  neutrally colored paint, select some items that will compliment those colors. You can add a few others that will provide a pop of color.  Think – gold and silver decorations in general with deep red and/or evergreen accents. 

 Real tree or artificial? 

Many of us will be putting up a Christmas tree. Either artificial or a real tree is fine. If using a real tree, be sure it looks healthy! Always keep a real tree very well watered. Clean up any incidents of water spillage immediately. This will ensure the flooring under your tree – won’t become a question in a potential buyer’s mind. Always vacuum up any needles that have fallen off before a showing. One great thing about a real tree is that unmistakable, nostalgic fragrance. It could a potential buyer in a very happy mood.  

Another solution…

Let’s face it – holiday decorating can be so much fun. If you really want to go overboard and add every detail – go ahead. Tell your realtor you require a minimum of 24 hours before any showing. Take that time to “de-clutter” your home before buyers arrive. Or – leave everything just the way you like it and hope potential buyers are just as big a fan of the holidays as you are.