Be Mindful When Selling Your Home

Selling your home is a big decision. It takes a lot of preparation, patience and work to get through the process. Mindfulness helps to eliminate some of the emotional under current that can sometimes go along with life events of this magnitude. Mindfulness in home buying

Here are a few points to keep front of mind when selling your home.

The value of your home?

Asking for the right price from the beginning is very important. Paying attention to “comps” [sales of homes with similar square footage, rooms and within a close proximity to your home] is very important.  However, you also need to assess the specific details about your home. Take a close look at features that put it above or below the most closely appointed competitor.

Do you NEED a Realtor?

The short answer is no. You are legally allowed to proceed with a “for sale by owner.” If you’ve never sold a house before, chances are VERY GOOD – you’ll want a Realtor® on your team. They are a well worth the cost. If you’ve previously sold a house, you know all the legal and market details a Realtor® provides. A good Realtor® also brings networking and home marketing skills to the table. Chances are VERY GOOD that you will also want a Realtor®. If you’ve sold a house without the help of a Realtor® and are unaware of all the help a realtor provides, you’ll probably want to get a Realtor® too. Finally, if you’ve sold a house with a Realtor® in the past, but are planning to go it alone, good luck to you. It’s probably a good idea to keep your Realtor’s® phone number handy – just in case. In short, having a Realtor® is a VERY GOOD idea!

Keep your emotions in check

A house isn’t just a shelter, it’s the place you call home. It’s the place your life has been happening for a while and you may very well have grown a bit attached to it. Try your level best to overlook all that. Heed the suggestions of your Realtor® and the feedback of potential buyers, without taking it personally if you can. It will certainly make the sale process run more smoothly and keep your stress level from creeping up into the red-zone.

Where are you planning to live during and after the home selling process?

Keeping this in mind will help. It gives you an opportunity to plan either to live carefully in your “staged” home, find a place to rent while your home is on the market or even begin the moving process into the next wonderful place to call home.

Keeping these things in mind will help ensure a successful and low stress sale of your house!