Let’s talk about… your driveway.

Believe it or not, driveway curb appeal is a real thing. It’s as much a part of your home’s first

imprescurb-appealsion as flower beds or trees. Think about the average driveway. Cement, or asphalt leading up to the house, or garage. Imagine if it had fallen into disrepair. Or had been left unattended so that weeds and grass were growing up in divisions or cracks. Even if the house itself looks in good shape, it sends a message to potential home buyers. That kind of haphazard neglect says things appear to be in order, but we haven’t paid attention to the details. It could lead a potential buyer to believe you aren’t concerned about the fundamentals of your home. Plus, it just looks bad…

Driveway Details

Getting the details of your driveway down doesn’t have to be difficult.

  1. Clean – start with a good sweeping followed by power-washing if the substrate allows. Get it looking like a clean line leading right up to your house.
  2. Assess – take a moment to look at your clean driveway. First of all, notice how much nicer the whole house looks with just a little effort. Second, decide what must be done to enhance its appearance.

If your driveway is:

Gravel – Add more gravel and tamp it down so the surface is uniform.

Brick – Repair any loose or damaged bricks, replace badly broken bricks if at all possible.

Cement – Patch, repair and/or resurface the driveway. (Click HERE for an excellent DIY Cement driveway tutorial)

Asphalt – Resurface and/or reseal the driveway.

Making sure the driveway looks as great as the rest of the house is a great way to help increase the value of your home.