Selling A House – Expect Some Expenses!

Buying a house is an expense laden experience. It might surprise you to know, the selling side of the equation has some expenses of its’ own.

When you’re ready to sell a house be sure to plan for:Buyers Financing - Lenders

  1. The costs of keeping the house in “running order” while it’s on the market for sale. You’ll want to keep the heat/air conditioning up and running and the lights on.
  2. The added expense of home owner’s insurance on a “vacant” house.
  3. The costs of actually moving your belongings from your current house to the new place you’ll be living. It’s an obvious expense, but one that may slip a person’s mind when in the midst of such a large undertaking.
  4. The commissions of the real estate agents involved. The seller typically pays the entire amount and the agents split the commission.
  5. House repairs! Those things on your “list” that you’ve been meaning to get to – all have an associated cost with them.
  6. Getting the house looking its best so prospective buyers see its very best side!
  • Landscaping
  • Painting
  • Driveway maintenance
  • Possibly a new front door and/or mail box
  • Home staging or purchasing new staging items if you intend to stage it yourself
  • Getting the windows washed (if you don’t plan to do it yourself)
  1. Getting your house professionally photographed so all that hard work is shown in its’ very best light
  2. Costs such as title insurance, recording of the title transfer, and in some cases the “closing costs” which can be between 2% to 4% of the sale price of the house
  3. And – possibly capital gains tax.

Keeping these items in mind will help you avoid getting caught unaware when it’s time to sell your house.