Winter Home Selling – Who buys a house in the winter?

You may think “Winter Home Selling! That sounds wrong…” After all, who is out buying a home in the winter? The answer is – A LOT OF PEOPLE! It’s an urban legend that home sales are primarily based on the “School Year.” In fact, over half of all home buyers and sellers don’t have school aged children. OVER HALF! Some have no children at all. Some have grown children – in various stages of living independently. Others have kids who have not yet started school. And yes – there are some home buyers who have school aged children, who actually move during the school year any way!

Home for the holidaysHands holding the gift of a house sold in winter

Consider this – People considering a move to be closer to family can usually be counted on to visit for the winter holidays. If they’re serious about moving (and you don’t really want someone touring your home unless there’s actually a chance they’ll buy it) they may use their time in town to house shop.

Caring for family in need

There is a growing demographic group of parents who live with their adult children. Whether or not the living arrangement is designed to care for aging parents in need or vise-versa; the situation requires a home to have enough space for everyone. It is rare that the season has much to do with the timing of home buyers in this group.

Year-end Bonuses!

A year end bonus could bring put a home buyers down payment savings over the top! If someone’s been itching to get into a new home, but had not been able to get the financing in order, their wait will be over. These folks typically begin their search in December and housing market permitting, buy before the spring rush.

Work related winter home selling

Company relocation happens more in the months of January and February than at any other time during the year. People in this situation need to get their act together quickly. While there may be corporate help in selling the old house, it’s typically up to the individual to find a new house that will work for her/his family. People in this situation are also often the ones who will move – even with school aged children.

Summing Up…

Don’t wait to put your home on the market until SPRING – There are plenty of home buyers with lots of reasons to buy a home in the winter!


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