Why Hasn’t My Home Sold?why-hasn't-my-home-sold

You’ve heard us say it a hundred times this year – “There’s a shortage of resale home inventory!” Then you put your home on the market and it sat… Let’s get your home sold!

There are a few reasons you may be facing this kind of situation.

  1. You may have insisted on pricing your home above market value.            This is the most likely cause for the issue. Even in a “Sellers Market” overpriced homes won’t sell. In this case, it’s best to listen to an experienced Realtor® about the current value of your home.  He or she will take things like scarcity of inventory into account when assessing the situation.
  2. Home odors. No judging here… Home odors aren’t something YOU will necessarily think about. You live there and you’re likely quite used to the smell and may not even notice it. Every house has a scent +/-. It’s the degree to which the smell is detectable to others that may be holding your sale back. Air your house out! You can also try one of a variety of fabric and or carpet “refreshers.” These go a long way toward eliminating odors that someone else may not smell homey to potential buyers.
  3. Decluttered and Cleaned. It’s hard to keep a house in an immaculate state when you’re living your life in it. It’s hard to sell a house when it isn’t in an immaculate state. Do your very best to make your house less of a home and more of a product that is for sale to other people. Take down the hall of fame wall of photos. Clean off every surface you can. Make it as much like a clean slate as possible.
  4. You have turned down reasonable offers. This happens. Usually closer to the beginning of the selling process than later in, but it does happen. If your Realtor® has told you an offer is reasonable, but you’ve been waiting for something better to come along, you may want to inspect your expectations. Trust the professional you’ve hired.  He or she will give you good advice and you can get your house sold in good time.
  5. Location. Your home may have the unfortunate luck of being in a less than desirable location. This is not something that can be changed, so get creative. Come up with a list of things that you LOVE about your location or home. Make sure your real estate professional is aware of them and can use them to overcome that age old objection.

In short, work with your professional to get down to business and get your home sold!